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Long Distance (creator, host, writer, producer)

What’s for Dinner: Go-to meals that 12 people put on the table // The California Sunday Magazine

TBD with Tina Brown - Allison Janney’s Tall Tales // Wondery

TBD with Tina Brown - Jill Soloway Wants It // Wondery

Footnote: Castle Rock - Henry Deaver // Hulu, Midroll, Western Sound

Footnote: Castle Rock - Filter // Hulu, Midroll, Western Sound

Footnote: Castle Rock - Habeas Corpus // Hulu, Midroll, Western Sound

The Tiki Bar // Honolulu Civil Beat’s Offshore Podcast

Why Tiki? // Ampersand

Democracy in Color podcast (S3) (producer) // Lantigua Williams & Co.

F This Weekly podcast (creator, host,  producer) // A podcast about women of color in the arts and entertainment

Interactive audio fiction.

Traveler // USC Institute of Creative Technologies

The Screen // USC Institute of Creative Technologies


‘Bitter Melon’ is the anti-model minority movie screening at Outfest // KPCC The Frame (a text version of this story is on LAist.com)

Serving Cocktails and Culture in LA’s Historic Filipinotown // KCRW Good Food

Rapper Ruby Ibarra says Waray and Tagalog are ‘perfect for hip-hop’ // PRI The World

Inside an audition for America’s Got Talent // KPCC The Frame

Meet the Filipina-American rapper making music about bi-culturalism and empowerment // KPCC The Frame

Old Hollywood Meets New Technology at the IMAX Virtual Reality Arcade // KPCC The Frame

An Immigrant Love Story, Four Decades in the Making // KQED The California Report

Feeling Young at the Pancake Cottage // KCRW

Henry Jenkins and the Transforming Hollywood Conference // ARN From Where We Are

“Lore”: from terryfying podcast to more terrifying TV show // KPCC The Frame

“Gook” revisits the LA riots through a Korean-American lens // KPCC The Frame

Thomas Wilkins on working with young musicians // KPCC The Frame

Kirsten Tan’s surreal road movie “Pop Aye” stars an elephant and the “Mick Jagger of Asia” // KPCC The Frame

“The Pride” helped Augustus Prew come out -- 5 years later he’s starring in the show // KPCC The Frame

With “The House,” Andrew Jay Cohen makes the leap from comedy writer to director // KPCC The Frame

From NFL to Hollywood: How this football player pulled off a mind-blowing transition // KPCC The Frame

Revisit the NBA dreams of LA high schoolers from 25 years ago in “Morningside 5” // KPCC The Frame

“Strong Island” director did not want to make “your typical true crime film” // KPCC The Frame

Scott Cooper worked to get Native American depictions right in “Hostiles” // KPCC  The Frame

After winning Wall Street and Hollywood, Netflix wants to be the next YouTube // KPCC  The Frame

Jay-Z’s new album, “4:44,” is touted as one of his best, but not everyone gets to listen // KPCC  The Frame

From peak TV to peak streaming? FX’s John Landgraf on the state of network TV // KPCC The Frame

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