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“The history of the United States cannot be properly told without including the stories of Filipino and Filipino American people. Paola Mardo's podcast presents a vital resource in telling that story."
-- The Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance project on Long Distance

“An insightful and thoughtful podcast about the Filipino diasporic experience. Paola Mardo is incredible at her craft — the consummate storyteller. She’s bringing Filipino history to light in a way that we really need right now.”
-- Apple Podcasts Reviewer on Long Distance

“Exposes the truth about Tiki culture”
-- Bello Collective on The Tiki Bar

“Tackles gender disparity and race issues — all in a fun, engaging format”
-- NBC News on F This Weekly

“A fantastic new weekly podcast... anything from film to food to feminism”
Reappropriate on F This Weekly

“Loved this episode! Can’t wait to assign it to my students next semester”
-- Instagram Commenter on The Tiki Bar

“Funny and witty... makes the commute less painful”
-- Apple Podcasts Reviewer on F This Weekly

“This week's angry reader”
-- Angry Asian Man on me


Bello Collective 100 Outstanding Pieces of Audio for 2017
Historical Narrative
The Tiki Bar // PRX and Honolulu Civil Beat’s Offshore podcast  

Asian American Journalists Association Catalyst 2017
Catalyst New Media Entrepreneur Fellow

Los Angeles Press Club National Arts and Entertainment Awards 2016
3rd Place Winner, Soft Radio Feature
Why Tiki? // Ampersand

Los Angeles Press Club Southern California Journalism Awards 2017
3rd Place Winner, Lifestyle Radio Feature
Why Tiki? // Ampersand

Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards 2017
Finalist, Radio In-Depth Reporting
Why Tiki? // Ampersand